A fine package !

Finally, it’s here.
I must admit, I’ve been busy since last Thursday. Busy because I’m listening constantly to this album. It’s a killer, with variety in the songs : rock, blues, ballad.
Hopefully I’m in holidays, so it’s rather a great situation !
I’m waiting for the orange vinyl, limited to the Indie stores. A bid is on its way on eBay for a 3 tracks sampler. I guess there will not be long until the full promo will hit eBay too. Maybe a press folder… That would be great.
I’ve got a nice addition to my collection, with a dedicated and signed set-list from the video you can watch just under. It was at YouTube Space, in London, one week before the release. It was a press only event, with 20 lucky Movers. A big thank to Eric and Sonia for this set-list !
The website has been updated. I’m planning to add more photos from the latest releases, when I have mastered my Note 8 camera… 🙂

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