A bit more than 1 month after the announcement of “Covers & Rarities”, here comes “Caught On Stage – Live & Acoustic”, a new TTM album.
It will be out on 14th January 2022 and is available on a bit less formats than the earlier release : CD, Digital, black vinyl, orange vinyl and sky blue vinyl. The two lasts are limited to 300 copies each. No t-shirt or poster this time.

The tracklisting

  1. Magnify (Live Bear) Available on Spotify
  2. Modern Massacre (Live Bear) Available on Spotify
  3. The Sun and Moon Roll around Too Soon (Live Bear) Available on Spotify
  4. I Hope I’m Not Losing My Mind (Live Bear) Available on Spotify
  5. Midnight Black (Amazon Session) Available on YouTube
  6. Only Friend (Amazon Session) Available on YouTube
  7. Ain’t No Telling (Live at Kore) Available on YouTube
  8. Modern Massacre (Live at Metropolis) Available on Vimeo
  9. Smouldering (Planet Rock Session)
  10. Stay With Me (Planet Rock Session)
  11. Take It Back (Team Rock Session)
  12. Lovers and Fighters (Live in the Living Room) Available on YouTube
  13. Only Friend (Rehearsal Session) Available on YouTube
  14. Battle Lines (Acoustic)
  15. Do The Revelation (Acoustic) Available on YouTube
  16. Get Yourself Free (Acoustic)
  17. Three Bulleits (Acoustic)
  18. Time Won’t Leave (Acoustic) Available on YouTube
  19. White Bear (Acoustic) Available on YouTube

They’re some unavailable songs here, at least the particular recording : Modern Massacre, Smouldering, Stay With Me, Take It Back, Battle Lines, Get Yourself Free, Three Bulleits and Long Run.

The other parts were released on Live Bear for Deezer, which was removed since. Some are available on YouTube.
It’s a great compilation for the TTM’s fans.

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