Live At O2 Academy Glasgow, 24 February 2019 DigitalUK2019Bootleg
Live At Holmfirth, 26 july 2019DigitalUK2019Bootleg
Live At Ride Festival, 13 july 2019DigitalUS2019Official
Live At Inchyra Arts Club, 2 May 2019DigitalUK2019Bootleg
A Deeper Cut - MOSH606CDCDUK2018Official
A Deeper Cut - MOSH606LP-GW2xLPUK2018Official
A Deeper Cut - MOSH606LP-GGLPUK2018Official
A Deeper Cut - MOSH606LP-CGLPUK2018Official
A Deeper Cut - MOSH606LPLPUK2018Official
A Deeper Cut - MOSH606LPILPUK2018Official
A Deeper Cut - MOSH606CDCDRUS2018Unofficial
A Deeper Cut - 3 tracks radio samplerCDUK2018Official
Live At Barrowlands, 3 March 2018DigitalUK2018Bootleg
Live At The Ritz, 25 february 2018 DigitalUK2018Bootleg
A Deeper Cut - Promo CDCDUK2018Official
Live A Bethel Woods, 2 July 2018 DigitalUS2018Bootleg
Live At Burg Herzberg Festival, 28 July 2018DigitalDE2018Bootleg
Live At Burg Herzberg Festival, 28 July 2018VideoDE2018Official
Live At Z7 Konzertfabrik, 17 March 2018DigitalCH2018Bootleg
Live At King Tut's, 6 July 2018DigitalUK2018Bootleg
Live At Montreux, 4 july 2018DigitalCH2018Bootleg
Live At Montreux, 4 july 2018VideoCH2018Official
Live At Musilac, 13 july 2018VideoFR2018Official
Live At The Assembly, 10 June 2018DigitalUK2018Bootleg
Live BearDigitalFR2017Official
Live At La Laiterie, 20 January 2017DigitalFR2017Bootleg
Live At Le Splendid, 22 January 2017DigitalFR2017Bootleg
Live At Ironworks, 16 March 2017DigitalUK2017Bootleg
Live At The Garage, 18 march 2017DigitalUK2017Bootleg
Live At Rockpalast Crossroads Festival, 25 march 2017VideoDE2017(Un)Official
Live At Ride Festival 2017, 9 july 2017DigitalUS2017(Un)Official
Ziggy Stardust / White Bear - MOSH6037"UK2017Official
Ziggy Stardust / White Bear - Gold - MOSH6037"UK2017Official
Live At The Sugarmill, 9 November 2017DigitalUK2017Bootleg
Caught In The Middle - CD PromoCDUK2017Official
Three Bulleits Promo CDThree Bulleits - Promo CDCDUK2016Official
wb_cdWhite Bear - MOSH556CDCDUK2016Official
wb_black_lpWhite Bear - MOSH556LPBLPUK2016Official
wb_white_lpWhite Bear - MOSH556LPWLPUK2016Official
wb_cdWhite Bear - FAN-36459CDCAN2016Official
coverLive At Barrowland, 20 January 2016DigitalUK2016Bootleg
coverLive At Beckett University, 22 January 2016DigitalUK2016Bootleg
coverLive At Zenith de Maxéville, 2 June 2016DigitalFR2016Bootleg
wb_cdWhite Bear - FAN-39701-02CDUSA2016Official
wb_cdWhite Bear - CDr Promo - MOSH556CDPROCDUK2016Official
wb_cdWhite Bear - MOSH556CDCDRUS2016Unofficial
wb_cdWhite Bear - CD Promo watermarked - MOSH556CDPROCDUK2016Official
Brooklyn BowlLive At Brooklyn Bowl, 19 September 2016DigitalUS2016Bootleg
pride_vynilPride EP - MOSH505LP12"UK2016Official
The Cannery BallroomLive At The Cannery Ballroom, 20 october 2016DigitalUS2016Bootleg
Live And Acoustic At Deezer, ParisDigitalFR2016Official
ttm_cdThe Temperance Movement – FAN-36456ADVCDUSA2015Official
ttm_cdThe Temperance Movement – FAN-36456-02CDUSA2015Official
First Avenue, MinneapolisLive At First Avenue, 27 February 2015DigitalUSA2015Bootleg
TTM_US_2015_pageantLive At The Pageant, 19 February 2015DigitalUSA2015Bootleg
Live At Boondocks 2Live At The Boondocks, 28 February 2015DigitalUSA2015Bootleg
TTM_US_2015_boondocksLive At The Boondocks 2, 28 February 2015DigitalUSA2015Bootleg
Take It Back US Promo CDTake It Back - US Promo CDCDUSA2015Official
TTM black vinylThe Temperance Movement - FAN-37411-012xLPUSA2015Official
white_bear_vinylWhite Bear - Flying Vinyl release7"UK2015Official
oh_lorraine_single_ukOh Lorraine - Promo CDCDUK2015Official
coverLive At House Of Blues, 27 March 2015DigitalUS2015Bootleg
coverLive At The Ritz, 16 April 2015DigitalUS2015Bootleg
coverLive At Union 50, 13 March 2015DigitalUS2015Bootleg
uits_promo_cdUp In The Sky vs. Tender – CD PromoCDUK2014Official
uits_vinylUp In The Sky vs. Tender – MOSH5157"UK2014Official
ttm_jap_cdThe Temperance Movement – QIHC-10057CDJAP2014Official
ttm_jap_cdThe Temperance Movement – Promo CD - QIHC-10057CDJAP2014Official
test_pressing_genericUp In The Sky vs. Tender - Test pressing7"UK2014Official
coverLive At Beckett University, 28 April 2014DigitalUK2014Bootleg
The Temperance Movement - Japanese CDr PromoCDJP2014Official
The Temperance Movement – QIPR-004DVDJP2014Official
Live At Rock Wechter on 5 july 2014VideoBE2014(Un)Official
Live At University Students Union, 27 april 2014DigitalUK2014Bootleg
TTM CDThe Temperance Movement - MOSH502CDCDUK2013Official
TTM black vinylThe Temperance Movement - MOSH502LP2xLPUK2013Official
ttm_white_vinylThe Temperance Movement - MOSH502LPW2xLPUK2013Official
ttm_blue_vinylThe Temperance Movement – MOSH502LPB2xLPUK2013Official
ttm_clear_vinylThe Temperance Movement – MOSH502LPC2xLPUK2013Official
ttm_red_vinylThe Temperance Movement – MOSH502LPR2xLPUK2013Official
ttm_cassetteThe Temperance Movement – MOSH502MCMCUK2013Official
ttm_promo_cdThe Temperance Movement – MOSH502CDPROCDUK2013Official
ttm_cdThe Temperance Movement – MOSH502CD Promo with stickerCDUK2013Official
ttm_instrumental_cdThe Temperance Movement Instrumental – MOSH502CDSYNCCDUK2013Official
ttm_deluxe_promo_cd_stickerThe Temperance Movement – MOSH502CDX Promo with stickerCDUK2013Official
ttm_deluxe_cdThe Temperance Movement – MOSH502CDXCDUK2013Official
ttm_deluxe_bonus_promo_cdThe Temperance Movement – Bonus promo CDCDUK2013Official
pride_vynilPride EP – Vinyl12"UK2013Official
pride_cdPride EP – CDCDUK2013Official
Live In SessionLive in SessionDigitalUK2013Official
lituk_cdLive In The UK – MOSH536CDCDUK2013Official
cl_promo_cdChinese Lanterns – Promo CDCDUK2013Official
cl_promo_cd_radio_editChinese Lanterns – CD Promo with radio editCDUK2013Official
mb_promo_cdMidnight BlackCDUK2013Official
of_promo_cdOnly FriendCDUK2013Official
tib_promo_cdTake it BackCDUK2013Official
pride_us_tp_vinylPride EP – US vinyl test pressing12"USA2013Official
pride_us_vinylPride EP – 5513-112"USA2013Official
test_pressing_genericThe Temperance Movement - Test pressing2xLPUK2013Official
test_pressing_genericPride EP - Test pressing12"UK2013Official

2 thoughts on “Discography”

  1. Wow, thanks for this detailed list, I’m slowly building a full ish collection myself, tell me, do you have anything to sell? And, where are the live bootleg recordings obtainable from?

    1. Hi !
      I have nothing to sell as I don’t have duplicate. Or very very few and not the most interesting. 🙂
      For the taped shows, they’re mostly coming from 2 or 3 are on
      Good luck for your collection, some items are really hard to find, especially the ones from Japan. I only saw 2 times the Japanese CDr promo of the first album and 1 time the DVD.

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