Early in the week, Digby, Earache head, twitted that a live album will be out “soonish”. So expect more news soon!
While making my daily Google research about news from the band, I landed on VIMEO where there is a documentary “Vinyl Metropolis”. It’s a great documentary where the but recorded straight to vinyl. Yes, you read right. Like Jack White and his world fastest RSD vinyl. The band was in the studio for cutting 4 tracks : Take It Back, Modern Massacre, White Bear and You Fool No One. Wait… what? You Fool No One, a brand new song? But the title looks familiar… Oh yes! It’s not an original song, it’s a Deep Purple cover! And with nobody else than Ian Paice, along Damon, on drums!
F****g ace!

So enjoy You Fool No One just here and the full documentary right after.

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