I’m a bit late on this one but The Temperance Movement, via Earache Records, will release a compilation of rarities. Some are original material, when others are covers. Hence the title “Covers & Rarities”.
If you follow this blog, you’ve been one of the first to discover “You Fool No One – Live at Metropolis”. And this one is the first single.

And forgive me the page layout, I just updated WordPress and need to tune it a bit!

The tracklisting will be this one :

  1. You Fool No One (feat. Ian Paice)
  2. Up In The Sky
  3. Tender
  4. Houses Of The Holy
  5. Ziggy Stardust (Live)
  6. Already Know
  7. Mother’s Eyes
  8. Turn
  9. Centrefold
  10. Do The Revelation
  11. Time Won’t Leave
  12. Long Run

In depth tracklisting analysis

1 – You Fool No One
This one is a real rarities, as it’s the first time it appears in the Temp’s catalog.
2 – Up In The Sky and 3 – Tender
They were released on 7″ vinyl for Record Store Day 2015, and on a promo CD.
4 – Houses Of The Holy

It was available on the Mojo “Physical Graffiti Redrawn” Led Zep’s hommage in 2015, on vinyl and CD.
5 – Ziggy Stardust (Live)
This cover was released in 2017, again for Record Store Day on two 7″ vinyl (black and gold).
6 – Already Know
A bonus track fo the first album, that was an iTunes exclusive.
7 – Mother’s Eyes and 8 -Turn
Again from the first album, they were bonus tracks on the vinyl edition of the album.
9 – Centrefold
This original song is from White Bear, in 2015, and was only available on Deezer, the digital platform. It’s on YouTube by now.
10 – Do The Revelation
It’s another White Bear excerpt and was a Spotify exclusive, until White Bear hits the US market, in 2016, where it was a CD bonus track.
11 – Time Won’t Leave
It was a Flying Vinyl exclusive, in December 2015, only available on a 7″ vinyl. Then it was on a promo CD (tip me if you have one!) and, again, on the White Bear US CD, in 2016, as a bonus track.
12 – Long Run
This closing track is, like the opening one, a real rarities. It was only played live and it vanished. But it was recorded in the studio! This track is exclusive to all the digital platforms.

The different formats

As usual, Earache provides us the release on various (coloured) formats and with merchandising.

  • Black vinyl
  • Limited “Deep purple” vinyl (300 copies) – Sold out at the moment
  • Limited Red vinyl (300 copies)
  • CD
  • Cassette tape – This one should be gold and limited to 200 copies
  • Complete download on high quality WAV files
  • Limited edition album cover T shirt
  • Tote bag
  • Poster (to be confirmed)

All this formats can be ordered here : https://webstore.earache.com/the-temperance-movement

So this album is a must have for completist, or just fans, of the Temperance Movement. You can be both, I reassure you!
In my opinion Long Run and You Fool No One can justify themselves the purchase of this album.

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