Vinyl signed !

So, here I go before my memory vanishes !
The start wasn’t as expected. Just before I left home I realize that my Alpine’s earplugs were MIA… The result was a run, literally, to the music shop next my house. And 5 minutes later, when I was on the road, I was told that they were found… Classic !

Fortunately the road was fine. You had to know that the only way to go to the gig location is a highway. And just before lefting the highway, there the World famous Fourvière’s tunnel. It’s not only a tunnel but a traffic jam zone ! Sometimes you need 2 hours for 2 kilometers. But it was only a rough 20 minutes. Lucky us !
Just the time to park the car and it was 18:40.

We joined Anita to have a quick dinner in the most famous gastronomic restaurant in Lyon : Mc Donalds. We have a chat while eating, I get my 2 shirts and my signed poster from the Paris’ gig that Anita kindly bought for me to avoid a fatal out of stock in Lyon. Anita is IRL like she is on Facebook : friendly and a kind person. The Temperance Movement is not only about music, it’s about great people too.

It was time to head to “La Marquise” a barge on the Rhône River. Earlier, Phil tweeted “ This boat is rocking…and I don’t mean in a musical sense! “ And he was right ! A quick pint of beer and the boat dock opened. Matt White was at the merch stand. A quick hello and I told him to be prepared with a pen at the end, to sign some stuff. Then Seil Lien starts her set.

Seil Lien

I’m a bit ashamed, I must admit that I missed a big part of it. I ran into a fellow member of a french vinyl forum so we chatted a lot. I tell you earlier : it’s about people too !
But her music was great. Beautiful voice and guitar. It was a perfect way to start the evening.


Then it was KO KO MO time. A different style. It’s a french duet sounding like Wolfmother meets The Darkness. In the look and music. The guitarist-singer sounds like Justin Hawkins but plays like Andrew Stockdale. Their first album should be out soon. And will be available in vinyl too, which is a great news ! Energic set with the guitarist going through the barge to play and jumping on his amp. A lot of sweat !

And it was hottter and hotter. I have 3 layers on me : t-shirt, a ski shirt (a thin but warm shirt) and a light sweater. So I had to do a strip-tease…
Then tension rises as the stage was set for The Temperance Movement. The soundcheck was quick but very effective. Ian (I guess it’s him, correct me if I’m wrong) and Phil Jones were very very fast to do it. The sound will be excellent during the whole set. A perfect job !

Then it was the time. 4 years after I discoverd the band I can see them live ! And it worth the wait ! Do The Revelation was the opener. Matt’s head was so near to the roof that he had to do contortions to change his guitar. Nick was fearing that is stack fall on him. It wasn’t an easy gig for them !
A photograph is shooting, shooting, shooting. Then Phil told him to be with us and to enjoy the show. So did he, with a large smile on his face for the rest of the set !
I don’t remember the whole set-lit. Anita got a copy so she can put a photo of it.

Some memorable moments : Keep A Little Love, a formidable funky song, awesome. Sludge is as good. If all the songs from the 3 album are llike these 2, it will be a killer album !
Then Ain’t No Telling was played. The crowd was jumping, dancing. The band nailed it !
Magnify is just terrible. The electric/acoustic shape of Time Won’t Leave is very good. There’s nothing to throw away !
There was a quick taping contest between Matt and Paul, with a large smile for Matt. Maybe there will be sweeping on the next album, with Yngwie Malmsteen as a guest !
And it was the encore with Oh Lorraine and… and… another song ! The concert was finished.

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Phil seemed very tired and the band retired backstage. I think it’s time that the tour reaches its end. The crowd began to left the barge and Phil took time for photos and sign things.
Nick, Matt and Simon will do the same. I guess Paul must have drawn the short straw as he was clearing the stage.
So it was signing time !
I told Matt to be ready, so it seems that he was !
I gave him a vinyl to sign, then a second, a third. I told him, jokingly, that there was only 20 more after the third… Simon was near, so I asked him to signed too, he kindly agreed. Suddenly Matt realized that he was signing vinyl test press ! He told me that he never saw so many test press at once. Hey, I’m a die hard collector ! I told him that Paul sent them to me last year.
At this point, you had to know that my english accent is… in fact I don’t have any accent ! Honestly I don’t know if Matt has undestand 30% of what I’ve said to him ! And, icing on the cake, my oral comprehension is as bad as my accent !
Hopefully Anita was near, so I had help and my brother in law speaks perfectly english. So they explained him that I own a big collection. Then another test press and then the famous red vinyl for the first album. I told him that I know that the others were not happy with this color so it was withdrawn. It was on sale partially and accidentally.
Then I asked Simon if he stay as a full time member (and he understand ! Hourra !). He replied that he can’t give me an answer. Anita told me. I really need to do something for my oral comprehension !!

Then I quickly ran into Phil to have my vinyl set signed as he looks very tired. He knidly accept and even took the time for a photo with a friend. A true gentleman. So it was Nick’s turn : “The whole lot ?” “Hu… yes, if you can !”
Mission complete !

A last quick chat with Matt, a very friendly guy and Seil Lien about the French Facebook Fans Page. Then Seil Lien told me that she recognized my face. And I understand her directly !
Joy !
But I’m not sure that she understand my answer !
Then we left the barge and had a last drink (2 in facts) with Anita. We make sure that she was in a cab, to avoid her another 10 hour run !
A great evening, with friendly people, a great band.
Next please !

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