Album 3...

Album 3…

[Update on 3rd june 2017] : 3 new song have been played in France last night !
Ok, so the main fact is that the US tour has been cancelled because the band needs this time to book the studio and record album 3 !
From a fellow Mover who saw them on the acoustic tour, the album is expected to be released in October. So preorders should start in May-June.
What do we have so far ?
Maybe a potential tracklisting !

  • Keep A Little Love
  • The Sludge
  • Empty Rainbows
  • There’s Still Time
  • Children
  • A Deeper Cut
  • The Way It Was
  • Built In Forgetter
  • Love And Devotion
  • Don’t Call It… Hey, why not !! 🙂

I think it’s all. Oh. No. Wait !
In Aberdeen Phil has said that the album should be titled… “A Deeper Cut”.
Now let’s wait !

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