The last few days have seen a lot of communication from both the band and Earache about the third album. The first was Paul, on 26th September, with a roadmap for the recording.

From this, we can guess the number and the name of the tracks.

  1. Love + Devotion (previously played)
  2. Caught In The Middle (previously played)
  3. Built In Forgettor (previously played)
  4. The Way It Was (previously played)
  5. Highter Than The Sun (?)
  6. Backwater Zoo (previously played)
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. Another Spiral (previously played)
  11. ?
  12. ?
  13. There’s Still Time (? previously played)
  14. ?

The “missing” tracks are A Deeper Cut, The Sludge, Keep A Little Love and Empty Rainbows. The last 3 songs have a proper recording with the Rockpalast show. A Deeper Cut was played on the last couple of shows

Earache published a news about TTM delivering “new material” on 4th october. Maybe an unmastered version of the album. I would like to hear it !

Then it was again Paul, on 10th october, in Abbey Road Studio. The album 3 was in the mastering step. There was a small “debate” on the Movers’ Facebook group to know if it was the full album or just a couple of tracks.
If you’re curious about what mastering is and the green dots screen, here’s a very easy to understand article about this.

The answer was given by Matt 2 days later, on 12th october. It was the complete album that was mastered.

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Cutting our new record to vinyl!

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The song you can hear is Built In Forgettor. And finally, it was Earache turn to publish more information on 13th october. They said that we should have mode news on album 3 on 23th october.

So stay tuned !

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