Full tracklist

Full tracklist

White Bear is now out and the CD/LP both contains 10 tracks.
In fact there’s more than 10 but the 3 extra tracks are mainly for streaming services.
So here’s the tracklisting and where you can find each track

  1. Three Bulleits – All formats
  2. Get Yourself Free – All formats
  3. A Pleasant Peace I Feel – All formats
  4. Modern Massacre – All formats
  5. Battle Lines – All formats
  6. White Bear – All formats
  7. Oh Lorraine – All formats
  8. Magnify – All formats
  9. The Sun And The Moon Roll Around Too Soon – All formats
  10. I Hope I’m Not Losing My Mind – All formats
  11. Time Won’t Leave – Flying Vinyl December boxset on 7″, iTunes
  12. Centrefold – Deezer
  13. Do The Revelation – Spotify

For making things simple, here are the tracks.

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