TTM Instrumentals cover

As promised (and forgotten since…) some informations on that release. 🙂
The main interesting thing is “Lovers And Fighters”. Just push a little bit the volume up and you’ll hear Phil singing. A proof that the album was recorded in one take, with everybody in the same room. Which is not usual in these Pro-Tools era.
Try it on “Only Friends”, “Ain’t no telling” (but it’s harder), Phil is here too, far back in the mix. It’s less obvious on the others songs. Maybe it’s my mind… 🙂

The advantage of this instrumental version is that you can hear all the work on the guitars, that’s sometimes cover by the voice. Paul and Luke deserves it !

Nothing more to say on it. If you’re familiar with TTM, you just have the confirmation that they don’t cheat and add many instrumentals tracks on their songs. They’re all straight forward and ready to be played live by the five guys.

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