Pride EP white LP

It seems that Century Media is licensed to issue the TTM catalog in the USA. Or at least the Pride EP.
So, if you’re interested, you can go to the Century Media webshop to order it. But the LP is only available for US residents.
If you’re outside the USA, like me, just go to eBay. It’s the same price and same seller, but without country restriction :)And this slipmat seems to be a good collector ? Just drop a message to the seller asking if it’s possible to have it (with a little $4 supplement, as in the shop).
Some pictures soon it arrives 😉

2 thoughts on “Pride white LP”

  1. Tried to order thru eBay with the slip mat, Century said no. Ordered thru the web shop ok and I’m in the UK! The banner that said “continental US only” applies to free shipping for orders over $100

  2. Thanks for the information !
    It wasn’t really clear at that time. It was only stated “US only”. 🙂

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