TTM Deluxe Version

TTM Deluxe Version

October 6th will be the day. 🙂
Be prepared for a new single and the now “famous” deluxe version. The single is “Chinese Lanterns”. No more information about the format : digital, 7″, CD or more…
And the same day, the Deluxe version of the album will come. With the 12 original tracks (so now LP or iTunes bonuses) 5 live tracks :

1. Ain’t No Telling – Live from Glasgow (7:06)
2. Take It Back – Live from Glasgow (6:03)
3. Only Friend – Live from Lincoln (7:03)
4. Midnight Black – Live from London (4:21)
5. Lovers and Fighters – Live from Portsmouth (9:59)

And as for the single, no mentions about the format. The 2 CD format is 100% sure, but no others.

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