Pride EP

Pride EP

Released : 10 september 2012 for the CD and 1st may 2013 for the vinyl
Label : TTM
Formats : CD, Vinyl, Digital

  • Ain’t No Telling – 3:57
  • Only Friend – 4:32
  • Pride – 5:39
  • Be Lucky – 3:25
  • Lovers & Fighters – 4:42

Bonus Tracks

  • Only Friends (Original Demo)
    Availability : Vinyl only

More informations

The digital version was available from the officiel website when ordering one support or another.
It was possible to order the classic version of the CD and vinyl or a signed one.
Here’s an interesting excerpt from the EPK : “In the spring of 2012 they booked sometime in a studio and started to record with one goal in mind, to capture the energy of their live shows.  They all set up in the same room and committed themselves straight to tape.  They had 4 days and 15 channels to work with (the tape machine had 16 but one was broken).  They emerged with an albums worth of material. That September they released 5 of the tracks from those ‘Fish Factory’ sessions as the ‘Pride EP’.



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